PRIVACY STATEMENT Disclosure pursuant to Section 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003.
  1. FINALITY OF TREATMENT WHICH DOES NOT NEED USER CONSENT ITALIAN PARCEL Company, in its capacity as the data controller, informs you that your personal data may be processed for: a) registration at, (hereinafter the “Site”); b) to provide the requested Services of the Site; c) comply with the obligations laid down by law, community regulations or rules; d) handling any complaints and / or disputes. These purposes do not require your consent under Article 24c. 1 became. B of Legislative Decree 196/2003.
  2. FINALITY OF TREATMENT WHICH NEEDS THE CONSENT OF THE USER Your personal data will also be processed, including for the following additional purposes: a) making interactive commercial communications; b) send by SMS, e-mail (including DEM and Newsletter), faxes, unattended calls to an operator, promotional material relating to ITALIAN PARCEL products and / or services or of subsidiaries or affiliates, even personalized. c) send by SMS, e-mail (including DEM and Newsletter), faxes, unattended calls to an operator, promotional material related to the products and / or services of commercial partners of ITALIAN PARCEL, even customized. These purposes require your express consent in accordance with Articles 23 and 130 of Legislative Decree 196/03.
  3. Provision of data The transfer of your personal data for the purposes indicated in point 1 is mandatory; Their failure, partial or incorrect transfer may result in the impossibility of providing the services offered by the site and for the achievement of the additional purposes indicated below. The transfer of your personal data for the purposes indicated in point 2 is optional; Their failure, partial or inaccurate assignment could result in the inability to carry out the activities indicated below.
  4. PROCESSING METHOD The treatment will be carried out both with the help of automated instruments or by paper. For the processing of ITALIAN PARCEL personal data, it will employ responsible and delegates of the treatment of data identified in technical, commercial, and administrative reference areas. Some technical or organizational management processing operations that are relevant to the provision of the site services may be carried out by third parties named Processing Officers on behalf of ITALIAN PARCEL. ITALIAN PARCEL also specifies that it will be able to use non-persistent collections of user-related information such as web beacons and cookies to make the use of the services easier.
  5. Communication of data With reference to previous points 1 and 2, collected data may be disclosed to third parties operating in the EU or outside the EU or transferred abroad to allow you to take aItalian Parcelntage of the services you require. With reference to point 2, letters e and f, with your express consent, the collected data may be disclosed to third parties.
  6. ITALIAN PARCEL RIGHTS Italian Parcel may intervene on the data and on any further user information where it considers it a necessary activity to safeguard the interests of ITALIAN PARCEL and / or third parties; it may comply with statutory requirements or measures of any competent authority; support the competent police force in the repression of illicit internet activities from one or more users, where the use of said services has been functional for the committing of any crime; defend against third party claims that any action and / or omission of any user in any way made available through the services and / or consequently to the use of the services violates their rights.
  7. Rights of data subjects You may at any time exercise the rights provided for in Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, which is fully reflected in the website by sending a written communication to the website indicated.
  8. Data Controller and Data Processor Owner and manager of the treatment is DVAExpress, Via Savoia n. 78, 00198 Rome (IT). LEGAL NOTES Below are the legal notes that regulate business relations. 1.PREAMBLE These general conditions govern the services provided by ITALIAN PARCEL, based in Rome, Italy, Via Savoia n. 78, VAT ID IT02778060802 (hereinafter referred to as “ITALIAN PARCEL”) through the site (hereinafter the “Site”) to Users of this Site (hereinafter “Users”). 2.PREAMBLE With this ITALIAN PARCEL Agreement, Users provide an operational service to support the shipping activity through the site (hereinafter “the Service”) in both Italy and the rest of the world (hereinafter “the Territory”). Through the Website, the user asks ITALIAN PARCEL to manage electronic shipping orders by contacting users with operating points and activating the shipping process. 3. ADMISSION AND ACCEPTANCE OF ORDERS The placement of an order through the Site represents a request to be taken by the user to ITALIAN PARCEL that reserves the unquestionable ability to accept the request and to give it away to the processing within 72 (seventy two) hours . Within this deadline, ITALIAN PARCEL will inform the user of the outcome of the request “Order Taken In” or “Order Declined”).In the second case “rejected order”), the amount booked at the time of the placement of the order will be made available again to the customer in accordance with the time schedule of the payment circuit used in the purchase phase. This transfer will not have any additional charge for ITALIAN PARCEL nor for the user. Any modification to order by the user represents a new order: ITALIAN PARCEL reserves the right to reapply the applicable rates for that order. ITALIAN PARCEL does not accept the activities of the service relating to dangerous goods which may harm people, animals, or they are subject to deterioration, are free of packaging or have insufficient / inadequate packaging, as well as values, coins, precious goods, works of art. A non-exhaustive but illustrator description for dangerous goods, is goods classified as dangerous by IATA, IMO, ICAO, or contemplated in the ADR / RID discipline. If ITALIAN PARCEL accepts the above order based on incorrect, incomplete or untrustworthy indications in relation to the nature or value of the goods, ITALIAN PARCEL has the right to terminate the Contract and charge the user for all damages incurred and any costs supported. ITALIAN PARCEL reserves the right to terminate the delivery of the shipping service and to terminate the contract where it is found the improper use of waybills by the User. 4. MODIFICATIONS TO THIS AGREEMENT AND CANCELLATION OF THE SERVICE OF SHIPMENT. ITALIAN PARCEL, through the Website, may modify prices, rates, and contractual terms. We may also change the type of service to the User by expressly indicating to the User the peculiarities of the new service with its technical specifications as well as the various economic conditions envisaged. These changes clearly will not concern the orders already charged. In addition, ITALIAN PARCEL reserves the right to cancel one or more services due to technical, operational, or commercial impediments without prior notice. Invoicing and Payments. The payment and billing of the Service by the User are subject to the delivery of the shipment. At the time of placing the order, therefore, on the payment method chosen by the customer, a reservation (or payment booking) is made that will be successful only when the withdrawal is made. In the event of a cancellation of the order before the carrier is withdrawn, the sums reserved by ITALIAN PARCEL for the service will not be charged to the customer and will be made available again in accordance with the timing provided by the payment circuit used in the phase of payment, of the purchase of the service. In cases where payment has been made with plafond, the withdrawal times from the booking are 31 days from the date of cancellation of the order. You agree to receive invoices by mail or download them from the site. 6. COMPENSATION It is the right of ITALIAN PARCEL to retain the sums collected for any purpose to the User and to compensate them with their claims against the same User. In this regard, the User expressly authorizes such deductions or compensations, and delegates any sub-carriers or third parties to pay such sums directly to ITALIAN PARCEL, considering them entirely freed from their obligations by making such payment. 7. USER’S DECLARATIONS AND WARRANTIES The User guarantees and therefore declares that: o When the order is entered, they will provide to ITALIAN PARCEL only true and correct information (Personal records, shipping information, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers) or the order will be canceled; o That the goods to be shipped have been correctly and accurately described in all shipping documents; o It has been taken note of the goods that ITALIAN PARCEL has declared unfitted for the carriage and that they have not been included in the shipment; o The nature of the goods, the quantity, the quality, the contents of the packages, the gross weight (including the weight of packings and pallets and their dimensions), the dimensions and any other information provided are truthful and correct; o Whereas the packaging and labeling used in relation to the contained goods and the mode of transport are adequate to maintain the contents of the shipment intact; o To have correctly applied the airway bill to the shipment so that it is always visible to the courier and cannot accidentally be removed. ITALIAN PARCEL therefore reserves the right to suspend or block the User who fails to comply with one or more of the above points, hindering the effective management of the service. The User expressly declares that he is liable to keep ITALIAN PARCEL free of any damage, complaint or expense of any kind that may result from the breach of the above warranties, as well as the lack, inadequacy of the packaging, or failure to report the caution necessary for their proper handling and lifting. If you are entrusted with ITALIAN PARCEL to carry out and handle customs operations, the User warrants that the documentation accompanying the goods is authentic, complete, and free from irregularities and which strictly corresponds to the typology described, is compliant with applicable laws, is free export / Import and is in line with the marking. The User is also required to provide in a timely manner all the information, data, customs codes, entry, and customs classification of the goods and all the documents necessary to carry out customs operations. In addition, the User authorizes ITALIAN PARCEL to manage all the data of the shipment, possibly also those data that may have a so called sensitive nature, in order to allow ITALIAN PARCEL to draw up all the administrative and / or operational online practices, which would be necessary to ensure the best service to the shipment. 2. Express termination clause ITALIAN PARCEL will have the right to terminate this Agreement in the event of non-fulfillment of the obligations assumed by the User.
  9. Limitation of responsibility Any responsibility that may arise also to third parties, depending on the nature of the contents of the shipment, may be configurable only to the User; Therefore ITALIAN PARCEL takes no responsibility for the facts, events and circumstances relating to the content of the items being dispatched. ITALIAN PARCEL is not responsible for the execution of the shipment and / or transportation but exclusively of the execution of the Service. In the event of loss or damage of the shipment, the refund payable to the User will be calculated considering the provisions of the Vector Act and the Shipper in charge of the execution of the shipment order, in the case of uninsured shipment refunds, in these cases, therefore, the User will be entitled to a refund of 1 euro per kilo shipped. In any case the cost of the shipment is fully refunded. ITALIAN PARCEL is not liable for any loss of goodwill, profit, market, reputation, customer base, use, opportunity, or any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential loss, including without limitation, cases of contractual, negligence or default. Requests for opening a claim for redemption due to damage or partial shortage must arrive within 8 days of the date of delivery.
  10. ACT OF GOD AND UNFORESEEABLE CIRCUMSTANCES ITALIAN PARCEL will in no way be held responsible for any breach that may be attributed to an act of God or accident, such as fires, explosions, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, floods, avalanches, wars, popular uprisings, riots, strikes, as well as for non-fulfillment arising out of any other unforeseeable and exceptional causes that prevents the Service from being provided in compliance with the terms of this Agreement.
  11. USE OF THE SITE ITALIAN PARCEL grants you the right to use the Site on any computer. The Site is of exclusive property of ITALIAN PARCEL or its suppliers and is protected by copyright laws, the terms of international treaties and all other applicable national laws. All trademarks or not, as well as all distinctive signs or designations, affixed to the programs and related documentation, remain property of ITALIAN PARCEL, and the User accepts to have no right upon them with the stipulation of this Contract. The User undertakes for himself and for his employees and collaborators to take all appropriate and necessary steps to ensure the confidentiality regime of the programs and the related documentation, by committing, among other things, to not allow third parties occasional use, The extraction of partial copies as well as the consultation. ITALIAN PARCEL does not guarantees that the Site will be responsive to the needs of the User or that its operation will be without interruption or error or in any event that in all possible combinations of use the software will not damage the system. ITALIAN PARCEL does not guarantee the results of the program support service, nor does it guarantee that any errors or defects in the programs are correct. In no event will ITALIAN PARCEL or its suppliers be liable for damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss or loss of profit, damage to order data, to customers and to all matters relating to the payment system, Loss of information or other economic losses) arising out of the use of the Site, even if ITALIAN PARCEL has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Finally, the User acknowledges that, if the Service has not been used through the Site for more than six months, ITALIAN PARCEL will have the right to terminate the Contract.
  12. APPLICABLE LAW The parties concisely declare that this Agreement will be governed and interpreted in compliance with the Italian law.
  13. JURISDICTION For all disputes arising in relation with the interpretation, execution and validity of this Agreement, it will be for the users who are registered with the IVA service (natural persons or legal entities defined as “professionals” within the meaning of Article 3 of the Code Of Consummation, Legislative Decree 206/2005), exclusive to the Forum of Rome. An exception is made for persons with a tax code (physical persons defined as “consumers” or “users” within the meaning of Article 3 of the Consumers Code, Law 206/2005) for which the territorial indisputable jurisdiction is the court of the place of residency or domicile of the consumer, if they are located in the territory of the State pursuant to Art. 63 of the Consumption Code (Legislative Decree 206/2005).
  14. SMS The customer agrees to use the service of sending SMS in compliance with specifications and technical modalities indicated by ITALIAN PARCEL in its commercial offer in its general terms and conditions, on its website and in any other form brought to the knowledge of the customer. In particular, the service of sending SMS is expressly forbidden to the customer-for unsurpassed technical reasons- to submit a request for messages in a single solution to a higher package than 10. In addition to the above, the Customer warrants that any material or message possibly placed in public areas of ITALIAN PARCEL due to the same by identification code and/or password is its ownership and/or legal availability, failing binding themselves to indemnify ITALIAN PARCEL of any prejudicial consequences. The customer also warrants that the material does not violate any copyright, trademark, patent, or other rights arising by law, by contract and custom. The customer also acknowledges that it is forbidden to use or to give others access to ITALIAN PARCEL for use against morality and public order or with the purpose of harassing public or private peace, giving offense, or direct harm or indifferent to and attempting to violate the secret of private messages anyway. More specifically it is expressly forbidden for the customer to use techniques of “spamming” or equivalent (sending unsolicited messages and/or without the express consent of the recipient of any content and to any recipient). In any case, the information provided by the client must not submit forms or content that is pornographic, obscene, blasphemous, or defamatory. It is still explicitly forbidden to use ITALIAN PARCEL to contravene directly or indirectly the Italian State laws or any other State. Without prejudice to its right to invoke the automatic resolution of the contract, ITALIAN PARCEL is also on faculty at its own discretion, suspend the service ITALIAN PARCEL whenever there is reasonable evidence of a breach of customer’s obligations. The sender’s phone number or name that the client indicates must necessarily belong to those who send sms. ITALIAN PARCEL will rmake it up on the customer who uses the service incorrectly.
  15. VOLUME WEIGHT The user declares to be aware and accept that tariffs will be applied considering the weight shipment VOLUME. The actual weight of the shipment can be calculated by multiplying the three dimensions (height, width, and length) in cm, and dividing the result by 200 for shipping (Express, 12 hours and 10 hours) to 250 for shipping (economy express) example: 0.5 m x 0.5 m x 0.5 m = 0125 m ³ x 200 (conversion factor) = 25 kg. ITALIAN PARCEL reserves the right to request supplementary amounts invoiced to the user/up to the actual weight and/or the actual size of the expedition and reserves the right to apply additional administrative expenditure incurred and developing ancillary penalties for details of which can be found in article 22 of this agreement.
  16. APPLICATION OF WAYBILLS IN LATER SHIPMENT The user is required to accompany each shipment of the consignment note for the proper implementation of this shipment contract. The consignment note is sent to the user by email at the email address provided at the time of order placement of the shipment. In case the carrier does not find the AWB on shipping during withdrawal, may assign a new one to be refunded by the full price. The fee will be requested during delivery to the recipient of the shipment.
  17. ORDER CANCELLATION The user is entitled to cancel the order by clicking on “Cancel” from the Panel “order detail” until the shipment is taken in charge by the courier at no extra cost. After the carrier takes over, the customer will no longer be able to request cancellation, but only the release of the shipping to the place of departure or at a new address, through customer service (via telephone at 06.62287276 or via mail by writing at In this case, the customer is not entitled to a refund because the service will be delivered anyway. For any refund issued to cancel the order, ITALIAN PARCEL restrains a €1.50 handling fee for Paypal or wire transfer.
  18. CREDIT PORTFOLIO You may buy credit through the site to use for the shipments (“Credit Portfolio” or “credit limit”) and choose among the top up amounts available. The purchase of credit can be made by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. The credit will be disbursed within 24 hours from the time of purchase, except for payments made by bank transfer for which it will take 4 to 10 business days. After each charging the Credit Portfolio, you will receive within 24 (twenty-four) hours an invoice via email to the address given upon registering to the site. Upon cancellation of your account, any credit left on the credit portfolio will be returned to you, excluding any good and/or benefit accrued up to now and by paying €2.50 (two/fifty) + 2% (two percent) of the value of the remaining balance to cover administrative expenses and banking. To protect the users of the site, for returning the credit left, the freight forwarder may ask the Customer to send a sided copy of an identity document, and where applicable a copy of the credit card. In case of returning the remaining credit ITALIAN PARCEL restrains the granted amounts as bonuses or promotions.
  19. DELIVERY AND COLLECTION The withdrawal and delivery forecast is indicative and is based on statistical surveys that show a 90% reliability. In general, no essential withdrawal and delivery deadline is provided for shipping and any damages for the User and / or recipient for damages related to delays in withdrawal and delivery are excluded. The User is obliged to inform the recipient of such circumstances. However, delivery to all those particularly disaItalian Parcelntaged sites, indicated on the site, (i) cannot be made within 4 days and there is an extra charge of:
  20. PENALTIES In the event that the User provides inaccurate and incorrect information about the weight, size and / or volume of the shipment, he undertakes to pay the price of the difference between the declared and the real weight plus the 5% of the value to ITALIAN PARCEL Of the actual shipment and € 0.30 of administrative expenses. ITALIAN PARCEL also reserves the right to demand payment of a penalty, to be applied according to the criteria in the table below: • Excess up to 5kg -> Penalty of € 5,00 • Excess up to 10kg -> Criminal of € 10,00 • Excess up to 20kg -> Criminal € 20.00 • Exceeding over 20 kg -> Penalty of € 50,00 The payment of the integration amounts must take place no later than 3 (three) days after receipt of the notification by ITALIAN PARCEL. However, ITALIAN PARCEL reserves the right to charge the amounts due using the payment method chosen by the Customer when purchasing the service (plafond, credit card or paypal) and suspending the shipments that are in the process and placing them in stock. If ITALIAN PARCEL did not receive the payment of the sums due within 30 days of the first report, ITALIAN PARCEL reserves the right to sell the contents of the shipment and retain the proceeds of the sale in compensation with any sums that the user owed. The delay in payments may result in the application of moratorium interest pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/02 and subsequent amendments. In any case, it is the sole responsibility of ITALIAN PARCEL to resolve this Agreement unilaterally and without prior notice of any misconduct or fraudulent conduct
  21. INSURANCE If the user intends to insure the risk of damage or loss to the goods, they may ask ITALIAN PARCEL to arrange for insurance coverage. The costs of such coverage will then be specified in the ITALIAN PARCEL price. In the absence of specific instructions by the User, any coverage, if required, is only stipulated for the usual risks, in the usual forms of insurance on behalf of the person or on behalf of others. Under no circumstances can ITALIAN PARCEL be considered as an insurer or co-insurer. It is expressly agreed that the insurance coverage is valid only for transport carried out in the National Territory, it is limited to the direct and material damage to the goods being transported, as well as to the partial or total shortage, and is subject to the receipt of the documentation demonstrating such damages. The User agrees to send to the e-mail address:, indicating in the subject of the e-mail the following statement: “For the attention of the complaints office”. The details of this documentation are expressly stated in the “Insurance” document, the link of which is available on the homepage of the website at the address: documentation required for redemption. The reimbursement causes for the insured shipments are: • DAMAGE • PARTIAL LOSS • TOTAL LOSS • NONRECOGNITION OF SIGNATURE In any case ITALIAN PARCEL must receive, on request, the following documents from the customer: • Declaration by the recipient of the condition of the shipment at the time of delivery; • Description where the good was found; • Indication of damaged items and their weight; • Purchase and / or sales invoice; • Credit note or reinstatement ddt; • Eventual repair invoice; • Complaint with the authorities (only for non recognition of signature, partial or total loss). If the documentation provided by the customer is partial or incomplete ITALIAN PARCEL reserves the right not to recognize the insurance premium. The reimbursement right stipulates that the recipient clearly informs the carrier at the time of the withdrawal that the parcel is damaged and signs by writing on the receipt “WITH RESERVE”. Alternatively, the User may provide for shipment and / or transportation directly, provided that, in such a case, the policy shall contain explicit waiver of the right of reimbursement against ITALIAN PARCEL by the Insurer. ITALIAN PARCEL is not obliged to act to obtain insurance compensation, interrupt the terms of the prescription, and take care of the pursuit of the business activity, unless the User entrusts it with a fee to be ad hoc. The maximum insurable value is € 2500.00. In case of acceptance of the refund, by ITALIAN PARCEL, a deduction of 30,00 € + 10% of the redeemed value will be applied. These amounts will be deducted from the total repayment recognized to the customer. Applications for opening a claim for redemption due to damage or partial shortage must arrive within 8 days of the date of delivery.
  22. WAREHOUSING If it was not possible to deliver a shipment to the consignee, the goods will be held for a maximum of 15 (fifteen) working days from the first attempt at delivery to local facilities in the Territory for delivery management. The stock status will be communicated to the User with the detail of the reason (incorrect address, absent addressee, force majeure etc.). The recipient may go to the facility within 15 days and withdraw the delivery at no additional charge either for the User or ITALIAN PARCEL. After 15 (fifteen) days (or even earlier if requested by the User), the User may dispose of the Shipment to another address. This shipping will have an additional charge according to the tariff indicated later. After the deposit dates agreed upon by the stock statement without the User giving instructions, the goods will be returned for payment of the relevant storage costs, as indicated in the tariff list. The stock statement will be mailed to the address indicated by the User. It is up to the user to verify any received communications.